Featured Alumni

Photo of Alison Limtavemongkol '08 in a gallery.

Alison Limtavemongkol '08
Art Curator, Open Mind Art Space

"My undergraduate studies taught me the discipline of time management and attention to detail, and the importance of professionalism. I remember my determination to finish ambitious art projects in time for assignment deadlines, and I still strive to apply the same level of commitment to follow-through when organizing an art exhibition for my art gallery."
Photo of Christina Koch.

Christina Koch
Senior Designer, Hulu

"LMU gave me a well-rounded art education. Rather than just focusing only on Graphic Design, the core curriculum includes classes like figure drawing, photography, 2D and 3D design, and art history classes. These were typically were my favorite classes, as they pushed me to think of new ways into an assignment and pull inspirations from many different mediums."
Photo of Christine Morla '98.

Christine Morla '98
Professor and Gallery Director, Oxnard College

"One of my favorite things about the Studio Arts program was the sense of community I felt working in the Burns painting studio. As an art student, I remember spending most of my time producing my work in the studio. Since other students were also working, this lead to great conversations about art, sharing ideas, feedback, organizing art shows and forging friendships that still exist today."
Photo of Fati Zulaikha smelling a flower.

Fati Zulaikha '20
Artivist, ONE Archives Foundation

"It didn’t take long at all before I declared a major in Studio Arts, with a concentration in Multimedia Arts and emphasis in motion. I chose this concentration and emphasis because I have always felt a drive towards spacemaking, community building, and healing, and Multimedia truly offered students the liberty to explore the extent of what the arts can do."
Photo of Justin Lai.

Justin Lai '14
Designer and Researcher, Office of Digital Innovation

"My favorite aspect of the Studio Arts program was the availability and accessibility of the faculty, without a doubt. The small studio arts classes at LMU gave me the opportunity to really get to know my professors, and I learned just as much from my professors in office hours and casual settings as I did in the classroom."
Photo of Kassie Scribner.

Kassie Scribner '10
Associate Creative Director, Adobe

"Looking back, I loved being able to experience so many different types of art and design. Learning the history of it all, playing with clay in ceramics, developing photos in the dark room, and then so many memorable times working in the computer lab finishing projects with friends. That is probably one of my favorite things about the Studio Arts program."
Photo of Simrah Farrukh '20.

Simrah Farrukh '20

"I decided Studio Arts was the rich step for me because I wanted a space to fulfill my creative desires while at the same time receiving opportunities to grow as a professional. Having a concentration in photography allowed me to test out different cameras and lighting equipment. Being in Los Angeles also allowed access to beautiful locations and studios for shoots."