Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in Studio Arts (STAR) should know:

  • The basic definitions, concepts, and techniques in visual arts
  • How to discover their unique capabilities and personal artistic expression
  • How to solve creative and aesthetic problems in the visual arts

Students majoring in Studio Arts (STAR) should be able to:

  • Represent a distinct sensibility
  • Make artistic decisions based on an awareness of traditional and current art movements and technological advancements
  • Expand their cultural and critical view of the history of art
  • Critically analyze and assess artworks and concepts
  • Prepare a portfolio needed to enter graduate studies or a professional career

Students majoring in Studio Arts (STAR) are encouraged to value:

  • The on-going learning and development of overall technical knowledge
  • The abilities of others
  • Expertise in the arts
  • The awareness of art history within the larger human context
  • The pursuit of new skills and insights for personal growth
  • Service to others and the promotion of justice