Art Education

Kids at an ARTsmart event in the Student Gallery.

The purpose of the Art Education emphasis is to create sensitive, informed, caring and capable artists who are skilled in using interpersonal and creative tools to teach the visual arts in California schools.

The Arts Education Emphasis provides students with the broad range of foundational and advanced arts experience necessary to address the diverse needs of students in California's public schools. This program includes producing creative work in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, fine arts, crafts, design and new genre courses. Additionally, the students will have a foundation in art history and developmental and aesthetic theory to supplement their own experience of the creative process and to ensure that they are conversant in the larger issues and concerns of arts education and in the community.

While the purpose of the program is to develop a successful individual response to the course demands and the principles of art education, the program also emphasizes the social and creative role each student plays in the development of others, including the encouragement of peers within the program, students in their practicum classroom, and creating social justice within the larger community.

By the senior year, each student will develop a teaching portfolio and an exhibition quality body of work. They will demonstrate a professional approach to making and marketing their own personal art, be particularly sensitive to the role of the arts in creating social change and have experience in proposing and developing community arts projects. This means we intend for our graduating students to express their artistic identity by participating in the senior exhibition and to demonstrate in their teaching portfolio the knowledge, skills, and disposition of effective art educators who are concerned about social issues and willing to make a positive difference within California's public schools.

If a student desires to be recommended for a California preliminary teaching credential in Art, he/she may take the necessary courses in The School of Education.

Additionally, a student must complete 12 units of student teaching or fieldwork. Students will be advised to complete the fieldwork component during their senior year, or within the year following graduation.

Importantly, all education course requirements will be completed under the supervision of The School of Education and coordinated with the Art Education Emphasis Coordinator to ensure that each student will graduate with a sense of what it means to be a well prepared teacher in the visual arts.

Studio Arts Four-Year Graduation Plan - Art Education

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