A student looking at photos at the 2017 Fine Arts Senior Exhibition.

The photography concentration within the Department of Art and Art History encourages conceptual thinking, innovative ideas, and experimentation with the medium while providing students with a strong technical base. Students become technically proficient in digital photography, digital printing and scanning, medium and large format photography, studio lighting, and advanced darkroom techniques ranging from historical processes and color and black and white printing.

The Photography Concentration at LMU is rare in that students have access to the most recent innovations and tools of digital imaging while also having the opportunity to work in traditional darkrooms. Students leave the program with a solid portfolio of personal work and a full range of relevant technical skills. The lab consists of ten custom designed and refurbished individual darkrooms for black and white and color printing as well as a digital area with iMAC computers, multiple large format ink jet printers, and many high-end professional scanners. This set-up offers students greater flexibility and convenience while encouraging creativity and experimentation. Students working in the Burns Darkroom also enjoy the luxury and convenience of having 24 hour access to the labs.

A wide selection of medium and large format cameras available for use (including 4x5 cameras, Mamiya 7 cameras, Hasselblad cameras, a Seagull TTL camera, Digital SLR cameras, Mamiya RZ67 cameras and various special effects cameras) allows students to leave the program with a professional portfolio and the experience that comes from working with an extraordinary range of tools. Additionally, students have access to a selection of seamless backdrops, flash meters, hot lights, and three sets of high end studio strobes including a battery operated strobe kit for shooting on location.

In addition to the first rate facilities and other advantages being part of the department and university, students can take advantage of the many resources of Los Angeles in the form of gallery and museum exhibitions, internships, jobs, classroom visits and lectures by visiting artists, and other career and cultural opportunities.

Photography courses include Photography I, Photography II, Color Photography, Digital Photography, and the History of Photography. In addition to the regular courses listed in the bulletin, a different special topics course is offered every semester. Past courses have included Photography and Bookmaking; Photography, Performance and Installation; Imagining Los Angeles: Photographing the City; Experimental Photography; Documentary Photography; and Photography and Narrative.

Studio Arts Four-Year Graduation Plan - Photography

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