Graphic Design

A Graphic Design Senior talks to someone about her artwork at the 2019 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition.

Designers shape the way we see, and understand the world by giving form to the objects, communications, and environments that make up our everyday experiences. Through typography, image making, and visual storytelling designers visualize the issues that permeate our society, and pose innovative solutions with the potential to affect change on a local, national, and global scale.

At LMU design is integral to the liberal arts experience. We cultivate difference-makers who identify and explore the most pressing problems of our world. We believe the greatest potential for graphic design goes far beyond its history of service to consumerism. Through a human-centered approach we transform existing situations into more preferable ones, by design.

The ubiquity of design and its potential to transform our world has never been greater. As electronic media rapidly evolves, so does design's ability to influence the quality of our lives. LMU designers promote social justice and realize societal change through social entrepreneurship. We visualize cross-societal problems in ways that help audiences empathize and understand better.

The 4-year model plan of the Graphic Design (GRPH) Emphasis can be found within the Studio Arts section of the Academic Bulletin.

Studio Arts Four-Year Graduation Plan - Graphic Design

The Thomas P. Kelly, Jr. Student Art Gallery offers students the opportunity to exhibit their work throughout the academic year in a variety of student run and juried shows. Past Graphic Design exhibitions can be seen here.

Contact Professor Saeri Cho Dobson for program details at (310) 568-6644 or

As faculty and staff of the LMU Studio Arts Department, we acknowledge and are committed to dismantling systems of oppression and inequity. Please see more info on our diversity, equity and inclusion activities here.