Multimedia Arts

Students who elect a Multimedia Arts emphasis as the focus of their studio arts major are interested in a future of authoring and designing in a world of new media and emerging technologies. This emphasis provides a strong and flexible foundation in the visual arts and an understanding of critical theory, with the addition of computer science for a solid grasp of underlying technologies.

The Multimedia Arts emphasis allows students to explore the convergence of communication, art, and technology with the main focus on creative expression and its development across digital media. The program is structured to help students build their conceptual development and production skills and to prepare them for exciting opportunities beyond the university.

Our diverse and flexible course offerings reflect the interdisciplinary nature of multimedia arts. Courses are designed as dynamic portals into the areas of digital imaging and photography, interaction design and online experiences, motion graphics design, 3D environments and audio-video production. Students can learn to create and prepare imagery for multiple media contexts from print, web, broadcast, to film across multiple dimensions: 2D, 3D, as well as physical 3D prototyped form. Our state of the art computer labs offer the latest hardware and software technologies.

Additionally, students gain real-world experience with galleries, agencies, and production studios via the required Multimedia Internship. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, students will have the technical experience, theoretical background, and problem-solving skills necessary for careers in new media or graduate school.

Multimedia Arts students have the opportunity to hone in their creative and professional interests while having the flexibility of concentrating in one of four different areas:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Sound
  • Motion

Studio Arts Four-Year Graduation Plan - Multimedia

The 4-year model plan of the Multimedia Arts Emphasis (MMA) can be found within the Studio Arts section of the Academic Bulletin. For more info:

The Thomas P. Kelly, Jr. Student Art Gallery offers students the opportunity to exhibit their work throughout the academic year in a variety of student run and juried shows. Past Multimedia Arts exhibitions can be seen here.

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