Kassie Scribner '10

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Kassie Scribner '10
Associate Creative Director, Adobe
Studio Arts major, Graphic Design emphasis

What have you been doing since graduating from LMU?

Since graduation in 2010, I moved from my internship as a web designer at Overstock.com to a full time position. After working in house for a couple of years, I moved to agency life, working at three agencies in the Salt Lake area, where I did web work for clients like Google, FX, Wendy's, Adidas, the University of Oregon, Converse, Rossignol, and more. I later made the switch back in house to work for Adobe as an Art Director, and now Associate Creative Director. I see it as an honor to work for the company that helped bring a design career into the digital age.

What is your day-to-day job like?

For my day job, I get to manage four designers, and a handful of freelancers, on projects for the Experience Cloud products for Adobe.com. There, I help art direct illustrative work, web work, etc. making sure that everything that comes from our team meets the Adobe standards, and continues to carry our look and feel across all channels. In addition to managing, I still get to do a good amount of design work, which I love.

How did your undergraduate studies prepare you for your career?

I feel like my work ethic was put to the test in my undergraduate studies. Without learning a balance of school, work and free time (I was a part of work study as well on campus and was a manager of the Campus Recreation programming team), I would face much higher burn out in my career. Also, learning how to take constructive criticism from professors and my peers was so beneficial. Being able to take critique well is such an important part of our job. You want to be able to fight for your work and present it to your best ability, but if it misses the mark or needs improvement, you need to be able to take that feedback and do so gracefully. Group critiques helped so much with that.

Why did you decide to major in Studio Arts?

Quite honestly, there was nothing else I would have ever wanted to do! Apart from my passion for art history, being a designer was all I had my eye set on once I chose LMU as my school. I loved my AP art class in high school, and was always fond of trying new things. The moment I realized that graphic design could actually be a career, I had to do it. And I am so glad I did.

Tell us a little about your concentration in Studio Arts. And did you have a second major or any minors?

I remember when I was first in the Studio Arts program, I wanted to do motion graphics. And boy, I found out quickly that was not the path for me. I didn't have the patience at the time to really dive into the nuances of the programs needed. But, I especially loved my figure drawing classes with Han Dai-Yu, design class with Garland Kirkpatrick, and my typography class with Saeri Dobson. I actually think a project that I did in Saeri's class was a reason I was hired for my internship at Overstock.com, so I have her to thank for my foot in the door for my whole career!

As for a second major or minor, I didn't, which is one of my regrets from my time in my undergrad. I would have loved to actually have gotten a minor in art history.

What was your favorite aspect of the STAR program?

Looking back, I loved being able to experience so many different types of art and design. Learning the history of it all, playing with clay in ceramics, developing photos in the dark room, and then so many memorable times working in the computer lab finishing projects with friends. That is probably one of my favorite things about the STAR program. Being able to find not only my career path and love of design, but also developing many amazing friendships along the way.

Were you involved in any meaningful organizations/activities while at LMU?

I was a part of the LMU Chapter of AIGA! Upon graduation, I actually continued that involvement and joined the Salt Lake City chapter and board, where I was first a Programming Director, Vice President, and then President. In addition to AIGA, I also worked for the Campus Recreation team as a manager and it was such a fantastic job! In my Freshman year, I was also lucky enough to be a part of the Track and Cross Country team.

What is your favorite memory from your time at LMU?

I really have fond memories of those late lab nights. We were probably delirious from working so late because of procrastinating on our projects. But it was just so much fun. I feel like those were some of the best moments, because we would be working, showing our work to one another, and it just felt collaborative. Looking back on it now, those nights resemble some of my agency days of work and I love that.

Do you have any advice for current STAR students?

Work hard not just on your school work, but work hard to truly find your passions. Do you love typography? GREAT. Do your best to be as good as you can be at it. Love illustration? GOOD. Do personal projects along with your school work to explore new styles and hone your craft. See someone in the professional field that you would like to work with or be mentored by? That is awesome! Reach out to them. Even if it's an informal DM on social media. 9 times out of 10 they will get back to you with advice, and who knows, they might even have a spot to intern with them.

Use your passion to propel you forward, and see your class work and lessons as a jumping off point to get there.