Simrah Farrukh '20

Photo of Simrah Farrukh '20.

Simrah Farrukh '20
Studio Arts major, Fine Arts emphasis

What have you been doing since graduating from LMU?

Graduating during a pandemic was tough, especially with a career in photography where you have to be in person for photoshoots. Once the world started picking up again, I got straight to shooting and continued to build up my portfolio. Through hard work, I've landed projects with Beats by Dre, Adobe and The New York Times and more.

What is your day-to-day job like?

My day to day job includes meeting with clients, working on moodboards, shooting, editing images and research.

How did your undergraduate studies prepare you for your career?

My undergraduate studies equipped me with resources and access to photography equipment I wouldn't otherwise be able to purchase myself. This in turn allowed me to build my portfolio and work with equipment that is used in professional studios.

Why did you decide to major in Studio Arts?

I decided Studio Arts was the rich step for me because I wanted a space to fulfill my creative desires while at the same time receiving opportunities to grow as a professional.

Tell us a little about your concentration in Studio Arts.

Having a concentration in photography allowed me to test out different cameras and lighting equipment. Being in Los Angeles also allowed access to beautiful locations and studios for shoots.

Were you involved in any meaningful organizations/activities while at LMU?

For two years I worked at the Laband Art Gallery on campus. It was a great place to meet other STAR students as well as professional artists in the industry. Being surrounded by art on a daily basis motivates you and inspires you as a student to one day have your own work spotlight in a gallery.

What is your favorite memory from your time at LMU?

My favorite memory at LMU was being given the opportunity to have my first solo show on campus at the Thomas P. Kelly gallery. I curated work throughout my time at LMU, designed the gallery space and hosted an opening reception.

Do you have any advice for current STAR students?

My number one advice for current students is to make sure you're taking time to have personal and passion projects. Schoolwork is important in order to grow and learn, but if you're not taking time out to yourself, then it can crush your creative spark. Create a network and relationships when you're not working on school assignments.