Learning Outcomes

The LMU Music Department has formulated and adopted the following standards in learning and assessment for the Arts Core in Music. Music majors will acquire knowledge and skills to develop analytical and critical thinking as well as creative problem solving as applied within a combination of the following core musical disciplines: theory/composition, musicology, ethnomusicology and performance. 


Students majoring in music should be able to:

  • Develop physical coordination and technical skills required for specific musical activities (conducting, singing, instrumental performance)
  • Apply essential principles of music theory and form to the study and evaluation of musical scores (critical skills)
  • Display familiarity with musical notation in performance and original composition (creative skills)

Historical Perspective

Students majoring in music should know:

  • The historical evolution of Western music as evidenced by style periods, performance practices, and representative composers and their works
  • The varieties of music as a cultural phenomenon seen in its interrelationship with belief systems, life-ways, and language

Exploring Values

Students majoring in music are presented with the opportunity to value:

  • The power of music as an expression and reflection of human emotion and responsiveness
  • The experience of aesthetic engagement that allows for deep identification with music
  • The synthesis of perspectives— physical, technical, analytical, historical— that leads to a cultured musical sensibility and artistic performance