Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in Music should be able to:

  • Develop physical coordination and technical skills required for specific musical activities (conducting, singing, instrumental performance)
  • Apply essential principles of music theory and form to the study and evaluation of musical scores (critical skills)
  • Display familiarity with musical notation in performance and original composition (creative skills)

Students majoring in Music should know:

  • The historical evolution of Western music as evidenced by style periods, performance practices, and representative composers and their works
  • The varieties of music as a cultural phenomenon seen in its interrelationship with belief systems, life-ways, and language

Students majoring in Music are presented with the opportunity to value:

  • The power of music as an expression and reflection of human emotion and responsiveness
  • The experience of aesthetic engagement that allows for deep identification with music
  • The synthesis of perspectives— physical, technical, analytical, historical— that leads to a cultured musical sensibility and artistic performance