Young woman wearing a Duke sweatshirt
Anna Thompson ‘19
“Music, while a very personal and amazing endeavor in itself, also makes you stand out from a crowd of more traditional majors. I find that I can focus and study longer than others, because of all of the concentrated hours in a practice room.”
Young man outdoors playing a guitar
Brian Rodriguez '16
“Music isn’t just about producing sound or entertainment, but rather how music inspires, evokes, and motivates people to better themselves and the people around them. I always knew that pursuing a career in music would allow me to foster my passion of being a lifelong learner, and I was right.”
Headshot of a woman with red hair
Christina English '05
“Having a well-rounded liberal arts education at LMU set me up for success in graduate school. My writing and language skills were strong, and I was able to balance the academic side of things with the performance-oriented work.”
Headshot of a young man with dark hair and blue t-shirt
Joseph Dhanens '13
“What I love about LMU Music is the intimate size of the department. I knew my professors extremely well, something I am particularly able to appreciate after attending a large public university for my master’s degree. The professors are not only passionate about their course content, they are all available to engage student needs in or out of class hours, whenever they come up.”
a woman with a high bun dressed very nice.
Mariah Rae Maglalang ‘18
The Grammy honor not only underscores Mariah’s vocal prowess but also her commitment to projects that resonate with deep emotional and societal themes.
Marlaina Owens '16
A vocal performance major at LMU, Owens was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for her research “Road-Mapping Blackness Through Music in Paris,” which links race-based civil unrest in Paris with the music being composed at that time.
Talynn Kuyumjian '13
"Any time you doubt your choice to focus on music, throw these thoughts out and continue practicing, because you cannot waste your talent."