Theatre Arts Study Abroad

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"LMU Theatre Arts study abroad unlocked the beginnings of the person and actor I know was in me and have been trying to find"

One of the biggest draws to the Theatre Arts program at LMU is a study abroad opportunity at the world-renowned Moscow Art Theater (MXAT). LMU Theatre majors participate in the only undergraduate semester program on the West Coast invited to study at MXAT.

The four-month conservatory-style program allows both Theatre Arts majors and minors to delve into the cities of Bonn, Berlin and Moscow, home to drama, comedies, and musicals. In association with MXAT and taught by European theatre experts and LMU faculty in the LMU tradition, students will learn the traditional Stanislavski acting methods and Brechtian Epic Theatre techniques, culminating with a performance at one of the many professional theatre venues in Bonn.

As part of the LMU Theatre Arts Study Abroad Program to Germany in spring 2019, students spent a week studying at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, in Croatia

In addition to a rigorous academic experience, students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in excursions to help them see the life of the cities themselves. The students begin their studies in Bonn at the Akadernie fur lnternationale Bildung and then travel to Russia to study with the master acting teachers at the acclaimed Moscow Art Theatre.

Students will not only gain and expand their experiences in theatre arts, but also learn the cultural influences of Russia and Germany. Students will live with an English-speaking German host family in Bonn and have the opportunity to truly integrate into German culture and live like Europeans, rather than merely visitors. This is a critical part of what this program offers and contributes to the transformative nature of the study abroad experience.

This program is in association with the Moscow Art Theatre School.

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