The Theatre Arts Department is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in all areas of our work, including the casting of our plays. We welcome students in all areas of theatre (actors, designers, historians, etc.) who reflect our world and strongly encourage people from underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds to audition.

Casting Policy (see Department Handbook)

The Theatre Arts program does not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, or physical capability when casting roles if those traits are not defined for the character as indicated in the published script by the playwright.

Auditions for LMU Theatre productions are open to all Loyola Marymount University students. While our primary responsibility is to offer as wide a variety of opportunities for our theatre majors and minors, university students who are not majoring or minoring in Theatre Arts are not to be regarded as “outside” the normal casting pool for any production.

The directors put a great deal of time and thought into the casting choices made. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to talk to directors after auditions to receive feedback.

Students who are offered a role in a departmental production are required to register for the appropriate section of THEA351 to receive academic credit of 0-3 units. Consult your faculty advisor for more information.