List of BIPOC Plays & Creatives


Asian American Plays

10 Asian American Playwrights You Should Know : PerformerStuff More Good Stuff
10 Contemporary Asian and Pacific Islander American Playwrights
31 Asian American Plays
Listing of Asian American Plays
Ma-Yi Writers Lab - List of Asian American Playwrights

Black Plays

10 Works Over 5 Years by Black Playwrights. All Intended to Unnerve.
Broadway Books: 10 Books on Black Theatre - Monologues, Plays, History, and More!
(In Progress) Plays and Musicals by Black Playwrights
Plays by DebbieTucker Green
10 Works Over 5 Years by Black Playwrights. All Intended to Unnerve.
12 Streamable Plays That Depict Black Lives Pierced by Racism
15 Memorable Black Movie Musicals
20+ Plays You Must Read By African-American Playwrights
A Collection of African American Theatre for Young Audiences
Black Playwrights You Should Know
Black LGBTQ+ playwrights and musical-theater artists you need to know
Ferguson Theatre Syllabus (New one coming soon!)
How These Black Playwrights Are Challenging American Theater
Queer Black Playwrights to Know and Support: Volume II
Introducing the African American Theater Research Guide | The New York Public Library
Plays by African-American Playwrights
Plays and Musicals by Black Playwrights (Multiple categories)

AfroCaribbean Plays

Caribbean Writers
Category:Trinidad and Tobago dramatists and playwrights
Category: Play Review

Latinx Plays (*Also includes AfroLatinx Plays)

101 Plays by The New Americans, or on Latinidad
Caribbean Writers
ConeXión! The LTC Announces 24 New Latinx Plays as Finalists for Carnaval 2018
Latina/o Plays for Young Performers  A Resource for Teachers
Latinx Plays for College Theatres
Latinx Superfriends Playwriting Hour
Original 50
Presente - A Roll Call of New Latina/o Plays (2015)
Streaming Contemporary Latinx Drama List of Contemporary Latinx plays that are streaming (compiled by Brian Herrera, Princeton)

In Spanish

textos teatrales: dramática latinoamericana - publicaciones - teatro celcit

Gender, Queerinesss, & Various Identities

KILROYs-Seek More Gender Diversity Onstage? Look at This List
25 Queer Playwrights of Color You Should Know: PerformerStuff More Good Stuff
3 New Plays Explore Queerness in Islamic, Jewish, Black, and Italian Communities

Native American Plays

10 Contemporary Native American Playwrights You Should Know

A Broader International Perspective (Multiple Identities)

#BIPOCSwap List

Multiple Ethnicities/Race Lists of Playwrights

Contemporary Playwrights of Color (NYU)
Directory of Playwrights (UC Berkeley)
1MOVE | The Movement


Asian American

An Evolving List of Asian American Stage Directors


LA Latinx Creatives/Actors

List of BIPOC Theatre Artists in Greater Los Angeles
Crowdsourced Resources for POC/Diverse Theatre Artists
Multiple resources of BIPOC Creatives

Designers & Tech

BIPOC Design Tech Folks (created by Claudia Alick)

BIPOC DIGITAL TECH FOLK ("I keep getting asked for film/sound editors, stage managers familiar with Zoom and producers who use digital platforms. Please add your info if you feel comfortable and I will share with folks hiring.")

BIPOC Stage Managers (created by Jonathan Castanien)

Add your self at this Google Form
BIPOC Stage Managers

Designers of Color (created by David "dstew" Stewart)

Curated Sites

Diverse Designers and Technicians

POC Theatre Designers and Technicians

Theatre Designers and Technicians of Color (created by Megan Sandberg-Zakian,

POC Theatre Designers and Technicians


American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA)

Diverse Dramaturgs: Racially, Ethnically, Culturally

Dramaturgs of Color (No Excuses List)

The No Excuses List To Women/Non Binary/Two Spirit Dramaturgs of Color
Underrepresented Theater Critics (Created by Nicole Serratore, and Jose Solis Mayen,


Indigenous Direction (For those who want to create accurate work about, for and with Indigenous Peoples. Created/ran by Larissa FastHorse and Ty Defoe)

Indigenous Artist Network (all disciplines)

Indigenous Artist Network


Latinx Stage Managers

Latina/o/x Stage Management & Technician Database (Responses)

Latinx Stage Artistic Personnel

Latina/o/x Stage Artistic Personnel Database (Responses)

Latinx Theatre Scholars

Latina/o/x Theatre Scholar Database (Responses)

Latinx Theater Directors

LatinX Theater Directors (Lists only active directors with at least 2 fully-realized productions in the past five years, or recent experience in new or devised work.)

Latina/o/x Designers and Technicians

Latina/o/x Designers and Technicians

Middle Eastern

Noor Theatre’s list of Middle Eastern Theatre Artists

Google Forms: Sign-in

Consulting group for artists and organizations engaging with stories from the Middle East and beyond

Maia Directors (their performer database questionnaire can be found here)

Southern Asian

South Asian Theater Artists

South Asian Theater Artists