Student actors on stage in performance

The LMU Theatre Arts program offers an academically-rigorous undergraduate education in the humanities and approaches the study of theatre with the view that theatre is a laboratory for the study of the whole of life. An audition is required for acceptance into the program.

Prospective Students

Incoming prospective students (including transfer students) must first complete the common application for Loyola Marymount University, in addition to the audition/portfolio requirements for the Theatre program. Visit LMU's Undergraduate Admission and Student Financial Services websites for additional information.

After completing the video audition or portfolio review, incoming prospective students will receive notification from LMU Admissions if they have been accepted into the university and whether or not they have been accepted as a major in the Theatre Arts Program. It is the responsibility of all prospective students to complete the Theatre Arts and Loyola Marymount University admission requirements by the specified deadline(s).

In addition, a video audition or portfolio review for technical/design, directing or writing applicants is also required for the entrance to our program. All applicants are encouraged to apply and submit as early as possible.

Current Students

If you wish to declare theatre as a minor, 2nd major or to change your major to theatre arts, all current LMU students must complete an internal theatre arts minor or major application. Major applicants are required to also submit a video audition. The theatre arts admissions committee will review your application and will notify you via email four weeks after the application deadline.

Internal Transfer/Adding Theatre Arts as a Second Major

Minoring in Theatre Arts 

**Please note that we are temporarily not accepting new minors at this time**

NOTE: The Theatre Arts minor curriculum is a broad experience in all aspects of Theatre. The minor does not focus on performance or acting.

NOTE: Theatre Arts is a heavily impacted major. There is no guarantee of acceptance as a minor or major into the program.