A picture of Amber White on stage.
Amber White '01
“I honestly think that if I didn’t go to LMU, I wouldn’t be working in theatre today. The people I met there were so warm and welcoming – it really helped drive me.”
A picture of Chris Sullivan in a dark colored shirt.
Chris Sullivan '02
“The program didn’t just allow but required active involvement from the beginning. I got a very well-rounded understanding of how theater works.”
A picture of Desean Terry.
Desean Terry '00
Desean Terry is an actor and director, known for his role on The Morning Show on Apple TV+.
A picture of Gloria Calderon Kellet.
Gloria Calderón Kellett '97
Gloria Calderón Kellett is the executive producer, co-showrunner, director and actor on the critically acclaimed Netflix reimagining of the classic sitcom One Day at a Time.
A picture of Linda Cardellini.
Linda Cardellini '97
“LMU was an incredible building block for my career and my life in Los Angeles. I didn’t have to start over in a new town like so many do when they come here.”