Current Season

Theatre Season 18-19: Politics and Power 

Bright Half Life

By Tanya Barfield
August 30, 31, Sept. 1 & 2, Barnelle Theatre
Directed by Dana Resnick

A moving love story that spans decades in an instant—from marriage, children, skydiving, and the infinite moments that make a life together.  “This well-written portrayal of smart women finding, losing, and finding themselves and each other again, is profound.” – The New Yorker

Measure for Measure

By Shakespeare
October 5-7, 11-13, Strub Theatre
Directed by Jim Holmes

Shakespeare’s dark comedy about the body politic and the politics of bodies is a timely critique about piety and the sexual hypocrisy of authority figures. Purity and mercy do win out in the end, but not before audiences are treated to the lighter side of depravity as Angelo, appointed by the Duke of Vienna to clean up the city finds himself lusting after an aspiring nun.

Haunting of Hannon 666: Inferno     

Written and directed by Kevin Wetmore
October 19 & 20, Hannon Library

Our sixth annual library haunting begins with Dante and explores how we collaborate in our own damnation.  Thrills, chills and scares await in the stacks this Halloween.

That Face

By Polly Stenham
October 25, 26, 27, 28 (2 and 8 pm) Nov 1, 2, 3, Barnelle Theatre
Directed by Neno Pervan

Addicted children of addicted parents find their worlds tumbling out of control and into pieces at home, at school, at work and everywhere. Written when Stenham was just 19, the play chronicles a dysfunctional family in which roles are no longer clear cut and everyone is drowning.

A Staged Reading of Selected Scenes from Angels in America

By Tony Kushner
November 30 & December 1, Strub Theatre

Stages of AIDS 2018 will feature scenes celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Tony Kushner’s epoch-defining play Angels in America. Timely at its premiere and still relevant now, this heartbreaking classic of the American theatre traces the rise of AIDS and AIDS activism through the lives of a small circle of people in New York in the eighties.


By James Rado, Gerome Ragni & Galt MacDermot  
February 21-24, 27, 28 March 1 & 2, Strub Theatre
Directed by Katharine Noon

The original American Tribal Love Rock Musical tells the story of politically active youth, balancing life, love and protest as they resist racism, sexism, war and the draft.  A celebration of the power of youth and protest.

Intimate Apparel

By Lynn Nottage
March 21-24, 27—30, Barnelle Theatre
Directed by Diane Benedict

Lynn Nottage’s poetic, lyrical, heartbreaking play shows a woman with a dream, unbroken in the face of betrayal.  Esther, an African-American woman in 1905 New York City, makes her living sewing “intimate apparel” for her clients, hoping one day to open her own store where women of color will be treated as well as her white patrons.  Her long distance relationship, however, threatens those plans. 

New Works Festival

May 1-4, Barnelle Theatre

Our annual presentation of new student writing, directed, designed and performed by students.