A Night of Black Excellence (10/24 + 10/25)

October 24 & 25, 5:00PM

Curated by Theater in Color, this is a celebration of Black art, Black stories and Black lives! Presented with the support of the LMU Theatre Arts Program and the LMU College of Communications and Fine Arts Deans Office.

Theater in Color is a new club geared towards artists of color that works to uplift them, help them excel, and provide resources and guidance. This club was created so that all artists of color felt like they had a space of their own where they can succeed and explore stories and ideas that are their own.

Running Order:

What Happened?  by Allesse Patterson, Directed by Raven Watson
Allesse Patterson singing "Don't Rain on My Parade",
Brooklyn Kelly singing her original song "Main Character,
Raven Watson singing "She Used to be Mine"
Conversations in the Sky  by written and directed by Kennedy Smith
Kennedy Smith's Spoken Word "Growth"
Jozondi's Spoken Word "Minor Misdemeanor"
Brooklyn Kelly & Jozondi's song "Voicemail"

All other people involved:

Theatre in Color Board:

Kennedy Smith, (President)
Allesse Patterson, (Vice President)
Brooklyn Kelly, (Secretary)
Taylor Montgomery (Social Media Director/Master Editor)


Roman Broussard (Conversations in the Sky)
Desmond Castillo (Conversations in the Sky),
Aidan Collet (What Happened),
Matt Farren (What Happened),
Maui Kai Malone (Conversations in the Sky) ,
Jeremiah Onyango (Conversations in the Sky)
Ashley Parkes (What Happened)
Natalie Riddick (Conversation in the Sky)
Kenneth Sambula Jr. (What Happened),
Ariel Thompson (Conversation in the Sky)


Tremaine Hinds (Production Manager for What Happened),
Jaimie Jensen (Set & Costume Designer for both plays),  
Darren Maser Katter (Graphic Designer/Social Media Graphics Designer)
Daphnie Sicre (Theater in Color Advisor),  
Natalie Stainton (Graphic Designer/Social Media Graphics Designer)
Jaelyn Williams (Editor)

Special Thanks to Dean Alexander, Katharine Noon, and the LMU Theatre Arts Program.