Shops and Studios

A photo of Theatre Arts' scene shop.
Scene Shop
The scene shop is where all of the department production scenic elements are built. It is fully-equipped and managed by the Technical Director, a staff member who supervises work study students. It also serves as a classroom to teach students the fundamentals of the craft.
Students working in the costume shop.
Costume Shop
The costume shop produces all of the costumes for LMU's theatre and dance productions. In it, faculty and staff teach various classes, and provide work-study opportunities for students with appropriate skills wanting to learn more.

It is equipped with home sewing machines, dress forms, tables, sergers, and various other tools of the discipline. This area is overseen by the costume shop manager, a dedicated staff member in the department.
Photo of students building models in the design studio.
Design Studio
The design studio is the primary classroom for classes in scenic, costume, lighting, and other design related coursework. It is also a dedicated and open studio space for those students to work on class projects, build models, draw, paint, sketch, and collaborate.
A photo of the sound and recording studio.
Sound/Recording Studio
The sound/recording studio is where students work on projects, develop sound designs and recordings for productions. It is equipped with various microphones and technology to support this creative craft.