All's Well That Ends Well

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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Kevin Wetmore
Presented on June 19, YouTube Live

In Shakespeare's play of poor choices and toxic masculinity, Helen has loved Bertram from afar for years. When she cures the King of France of his illness, he promises the hand of any man in the kingdom for her husband and she chooses Bertram, who promptly flees to Italy to fight in the wars, promising never to see her until she can show him a child of theirs. She promptly sets in motion a series of events to help her do just that. Humor, heartbreak, and scheming abound, but as the title suggests, all is truly well if it ends well.


Olivia Oreskovich (HELEN, a gentlewoman of Rossillion), Sebastian Segura (BERTRAM, Count of Rossillion), Lacy Hornick (COUNTESS of Rossillion, Bertram’s mother), Kylie Sullivan (RINALDO, THE STEWARD of the Countess of Rossilion), Blake Weise (LAVATCH, Fool to the Countess), Anthony Topsfield (PAROLLES, companion to Bertram), Sam Pribyl (KING of France), Juan Sebastian Bernal (LAFEW, a French lord), Niall Sulcer (FIRST LORD Captain Dumaine), Kaushal Patel (SECOND LORD Captain Dumaine, his brother), Rose Raddatz (FIRST GENTLEMAN), Sika Lonner (SECOND GENTLEMAN), Heather Ann Gottlieb (FRENCH SOLDIER, an interpreter), Dante Gonzalez-Abreu (The DUKE of Florence/GENTLEMAN, a “gentle Astringer”), Anna Sahlstrom (A WIDOW of Florence), Kate Phillipp (DIANA, the Widow’s daughter), Cecille Forsyth Rios (MARIANA, the Widow’s neighbor)

Production Team

Lindsey Gartner (Stage Manager), Rob Hillig (Technical Direction), Louie Enriquez (Virtual Scene Design), Cassidy Kepp (Resident Dramaturg), Kate Bianco (Assistant Director), Jessica Hadley (Assistant Stage Manager), Lara Goncalves (Graphic Design)

Special Thanks to: Dean Bryant Keith Alexander, Kate Shirley, Mike Sitnikov, Matthew Frank, Alexander Egger, Patrick Frontiera, Provost Thomas Poon, and President Timothy Law Snyder & Katharine Noon.