About CFA

Panoramic shot of a performance of As You Like It.

Communication as Art and Art as Communication

Loyola Marymount University has a strong commitment to academic excellence, transformative education and social justice. These are also the guiding principles of our programs in Art, Communication Studies, Theatre, Dance, Music, Marital and Family Therapy, and the ways in which such potentials are heightened through interdisciplinary exploration.

CFA provides our students with a humanistic liberal arts education that fosters a desire for knowledge, cultivates the skills for lifelong learning, and instills leadership and service to create a just world. As you look around our site you will surely discover that we are a dynamic thinking, teaching, learning, creating and performing community.

Our students and faculty are phenomenally productive in art making, playwriting, music composition, and scholarly publication with a particular commitment to performance and production, creative and critical expression in the forms of art, theatre, debate, dance and in those highly encouraged spaces of collaboration, cooperation and community building.

In and of Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, the second-largest media/entertainment/artistic market in the country, our college is ideally situated to provide our students with dynamic educational experiences that bleed the borders between campus and community for personal and professional enrichment. Our departments are constantly seeking ways to take advantage of our location, connecting students with the diverse cultural and ethnic communities that define the Los Angeles area.

The educational sphere of our college and campus is local with a national and international scope. Through educational, professional and performance activities our students and faculty travel extensively representing the college and university, and engaging teaching and learning through a critical praxis.