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CFA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CFA is continually working to expand, expose and evidence our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, through course offerings, events and performances, the representational politics of presence and visibility, as well as through direct community engagement and meaningful partnerships.

A Dean's First Step Towards Action

Dean Bryant Keith Alexander, Ph.D., Dean and Professor, College of Communication and Fine Arts

Recent rise in violence against unarmed Black people in America has reignited activism for social justice across the nation. In addition to calls for social justice in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, a national call has been issued for greater focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for a broader construction of peoples.

To this extent, the LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts, under my leadership and in alignment with broader initiatives of the university, seeks to engage a process of addressing historical omission of difference through a concerted politic of radical cultural representation across racial / ethnic / gendered identities.

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Featured Events

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In the Classroom


We encourage and support all students in learning more about the complex nexus of race, culture, diversity, gender, identity and inclusion. To that end, we have compiled a listing of courses within the college that overtly cover these crucial topics, working to inform student efforts to learn more about institutionalized racism while in the classroom and working toward their degree.

Courses are offered in all the disciplines within the college – both undergraduate and graduate.


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A Message from the Dean

On Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, the Power of Prayer

These are our commitments to our students. These are our commitments to our society.

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Featured Event

Fall’s KaleidoLA Speaker Series Explores Personal Narratives

Featuring artists of color whose artwork and lived experiences foreground issues of racial, economic and social justice.

Featured Videos

A Night of Black Excellence

Curated by Theater in Color, this is a celebration of Black art, Black stories and Black lives! Presented with the support of the LMU Theatre Arts Program and the LMU College of Communications and Fine Arts Deans Office.

Let's Watch

Women's Voices, Black Suffragists

As part of the William H. Hannon Library's annual Women's Voices series, the library and LMU Theatre Arts hosted an evening of dramatic readings of voices from historical women. Theatre Arts students performed the readings.

Faculty Pub Night: Arnab Banerji

The fifth Faculty Pub Night of the 2019-2020 season features Arnab Banerji, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts. Banerji discusses his recent publication, "What Lies Beyond Hattamala? Badal Sircar and His Third Theatre as an Alternate Trajectory for Intercultural Theatre."

LMU Choruses in Underdog Choir

Produced in conjunction with the 2020 Grammy Awards, this video features women from LMU Choruses performing an arrangement of “Underdog” by Alicia Keys, raising awareness that women only make up 2% of the music production profession.

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