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Graduate Outcomes

Preparing our students to soar

Students at Career Treks Los Angeles, Fall 2017.

At LMU’s College of Communication and Fine Arts, we provide our students with a humanistic liberal arts education that fosters a desire for knowledge, cultivates the skills for lifelong learning, and instills leadership and service to create a just world.

We are ideally situated to offer our students a dynamic educational experience that bleeds the borders between campus and community for personal and professional enrichment, connecting students with the diverse cultural and ethnic communities that define the Los Angeles area.

Coming from this dynamic thinking, teaching, learning, creating and performing community, our graduates go on to a wide variety of professions in critical, academic and creative fields.

2021 Outcomes

Chart showing where graduates go after graduation.

Where do CFA graduates go?

Results are based on First Destination data six months after graduation. "Graduate school" includes students enrolled in or preparing to enroll in further study.

  • Working: 81%
  • Graduate School: 17%
  • Military: 1%
  • Seeking Employment: 1%
  • Service: <1%


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Where do CFA graduates study?

Recent CFA graduates have had enormous success entering into graduate programs at a variety of prestigious universities in the United States and abroad. Here are just a few.

Chart showing what students do after graduation.

What do CFA graduates do?

Lions are employed in every sector around the world.

  • Private/For-profit: 88%
  • Non-profit: 11%
  • Government: 1%
  • Service: <1% 


*Data collected from 951 graduates / 77% of the Class of 2021

Where They Work

Graphic showing where 2021 graduates are working.

These are just a few examples of the companies that hired the CFA Class of 2021 within six months of graduation. See them all.

Companies who have hired the CFA Class of 2021 include the ABC10, Cave, Crowdstrike, Disney, Fabletics, ICM Partners, Ketchum, NBC Universal, PHNTM, and Sidley.

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Photo of students at NYC Career Trek 2019.

More than two-thirds of LMU students complete internships, preparing them for a successful career after college.