Photo of Desean Terry speaking at a CFA Conversations With event.

Featured Alumni

Photo of Linda Cardellini at an event.

Linda Cardellini '97
Theatre Arts | Actress

"LMU was an incredible playground and building block for my career and my life in Los Angeles. The teachers, staff and students gave me a community of creative, collaborative, and wonderful people to rely on as I ventured out into the unknown.”

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Photo of Justin Lai.

Justin Lai '14
Studio Arts

"The small studio arts classes at LMU gave me the opportunity to really get to know my professors, and I learned just as much from my professors in office hours and casual settings as I did in the classroom."

Photo of Charissa Kroeger striking a pose.

Charissa Kroeger '15

"The network I gained while at LMU connected me to the contemporary dance community in L.A. which launched my career. I was thoroughly educated in many styles of dance, and because of that my versatility has been an asset."

Photo of Josh Grisetti.

Josh Grisetti '21
Theatre Arts: Performance Pedagogy (MFA)

"I would never have been ready to teach effectively in higher education without the support of the LMU performance pedagogy program. This program allowed and encouraged me to act, direct, and teach elsewhere in tandem with my studies."

A headshot of Talynn Kuyumjian holding a conducting baton.

Talynn Kuyumjian '13

"Any time you doubt your choice to focus on music, throw these thoughts out and continue practicing, because you cannot waste your talent."

Photo of Claudine Cazian Britz at a radio studio.

Claudine Cazian '00
Communication Studies | Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Instagram

"Stay curious, that is a number one tip. I think that when you're out of school, learning is just beginning, and to really push yourself to continue to be curious and learn from the people all around you in all different fields."

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Photo of Desean Terry.

Desean Terry '00
Theatre Arts

"I think there is an energy that resonates with you when you decide to spend your hours pursuing the things that you love. People can feel it. And that energy is contagious."

Photo of Erica Curtis sitting on a couch.

Erica Curtis '02
Marital and Family Therapy/Art Therapy (M.A.)

"I have had the privilege to help countless individuals and families, teach nationally, contribute to media outlets internationally, and publish an award-winning book (a childhood ambition now fulfilled). My story continues to be one of following my heart."

Photo of Chemin Sylvia Bernard.

Chemin Sylvia Bernard '80
Communication Arts: Film & Television Production

"Students got exposed to the casting process, and I was able to see how to run an office and train a staff. While they learned, I learned, too."

Photo of Effie Brown.

Effie Brown '93
Theatre Arts and Film Production

"The projects you choose to do are often not for the monetary gain. They’re gonna be for love and passion. Start working on those projects in school that fulfill your voice.”

Photo of Tony Brown on a rooftop near Downtown Los Angeles.

Tony Brown '92
Communication Studies | Executive Director, Heart of Los Angeles

"You cannot be indifferent to the importance of art in our society. Art has the possibility to affect people – particularly children – in transformative ways. Art is communication, and we need to remember that.”

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Photo of Jess Harper dancing.

Jess Harper '02

"The variety of [dance] curriculum offered, from specific pedagogy within techniques and genres, to faculty and student shows, creates an attraction not only for dance majors and minors, but for non-majors as well. It is very diverse and welcoming to all."

Photo of Van Partible stylized as his animated character, Johnny Bravo.

Van Partible '93

"I learned how to embrace new opportunities by creating a community - finding people I connected with, and using their knowledge and experience to nurture my talents and abilities."

Photo of Christina Koch.

Christina Koch
Studio Arts

"There were many aspects of the Studio Arts program that were fantastic. The small classes were pivotal in forming relationships with fellow students and faculty, and the wide range of classes with different mediums gives you the foundation to become a well-rounded artist."

Photo of Gail Mitchell holding a Billboard magazine.

Gail Mitchell '75

"At LMU, I gained a very strong foundation to think outside the box, to think critically, to not be afraid to tackle anything new."

Photo of Chris Sullivan sitting on stairs.

Chris Sullivan '02
Theatre Arts | Actor

"The program didn’t just allow but required active involvement from the beginning. And it wasn’t just acting, there was directing and stagecraft and lighting design and stage management — all the different aspects that go into theatre. I wanted to be an actor, but I got a very well-rounded understanding of how theatre works and what it takes to produce a show. It made the experience really enjoyable."

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Headshot of Joseph Dhanens.

Joseph Dhanens '13
Music major, Theatre Arts minor

“What I love about LMU Music is the intimate size of the department. The professors are not only passionate about their course content, they are all available to engage student needs in or out of class hours whenever they come up.”

Photo of ML Snowden sitting in a chair.

M.L. Snowden '74
Fine Art

"People have the capability within themselves to find wonderful possibilities, and the university experience opened those doors for me."

Photo of Francie Calfo in her office.

Francie Calfo '89

"LMU is when the world started to open up for me. I was able to find and connect to my individuality, and really felt like that was encouraged there. I became who I was meant to be."

Photo of Tony Plana.

Tony Plana '75
Theatre Arts

"I realized at LMU that theater was my calling. I've had a really amazing career when you think about how difficult it is to work in this business."

Photo of Gloria Calderon Kellet at an event.

Gloria Calderón Kellett '97
Communication Studies and Theatre Arts minor | Showrunner, Director, Executive Producer

“We are culture creators. We give [viewers] a moment to sit in the church of theatre, or the church of television, and preach what we have to say. So, if you have the opportunity to get to that pulpit — get there.”

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Photo of Berenice Badillo holding paint brushes.

Berenice Badillo, '06
Marital and Family Therapy/Art Therapy (M.A.)

"Following my time at LMU, I was able to fully realize the potential of art as a vehicle for social change, that through this medium we can disseminate the stories of marginalized communities. In the process of co-creation, people can contribute to their community through art, and also change their perspectives in finding hope for the future."

Photo of Kassie Scribner.

Kassie Scribner '10
Studio Arts

"I loved being able to experience so many different types of art and design. Learning the history of it all, playing with clay in ceramics, developing photos in the dark room, and then so many memorable times working in the computer lab finishing projects with friends."

Photo of Donna Woods.

Donna Woods '05
Marital and Family Therapy/Art Therapy (M.A.)

"My passion for art and my compassion for people led me to study art therapy at LMU, and I have taken this experience into my volunteer mentoring."

Photo of Mathew James posing for the camera.

Mathew James '12

"LMU Dance produces bright, talented, and skillful dancers while offering life-changing opportunities to grow, learn, and connect to other artists, educators, and professionals."

Photo of Kate Micucci jumping with a ukulele.

Kate Micucci '03
Studio Arts | Artist, Musician, Comedian, Actress

"I loved [ARTsmart], and I’m so happy it’s still going. It’s so important for LMU students, and it’s important for the kids, who wouldn’t have art otherwise."

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