CFA Council

Photo of the Sunken Garden, Malone, and St. Roberts at sunset.

The CFA Council supports the dean by providing advice, counsel and philanthropic support, to ultimately advance the mission and growth of the college and, by extension, the university. This group of leaders helps the dean sustain our significant commitment to liberal arts education, fostering a dynamic and diverse learning environment, while placing social justice principles unique to our Jesuit education firmly planted in the arts, communication, and performance.

The CFA Council seeks to enhance our current assets and further inspire our students and faculty to strive towards the magis – that restless desire to do more in the form of service towards the greater good.

Council Members

Photo of Larry L. Welk.

Larry L. Welk ’61 (CFA Council, Chair)

President & Chairman, The Welk Group, Inc.

Headshot of Neil A. Barclay.

Neil A. Barclay ’76 & LLS ’87

President and CEO, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Photo of Howard James Drollinger at a scholarship reception event.

H. James Drollinger ’81

Philanthropist, Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation

Photo of Nelly Kilroy.

Nelly Llanos Kilroy

Philanthropist, John B And Nelly Llanos Kilroy Foundation

Photo of Robert L. Looker.

Robert L. Looker

Philanthropist and Board Member of The Looker Foundation, Director of Fine Art at PureArt Transport

Photo of Clare Marsch.

Clare DeMyer Marsch ’77

Senior VP, Training & Development, American Bankers Association

Photo of Kate Micucci.

Kate A. Micucci ’03

Actress, comedian, singer-songwriter, artist

a headshot of a man with glasses and a white beard and hair

Tony Plana ‘75

Award-winning actor and performer

Headshot of Brian P. Reyes.

Brian P. Reyes (CFA Parent ’22)

Senior Vice President, C&W Services

Ex-Officio Members

Aerial shot of the Bluff, LMU letters, and the campus.

Loyola Marymount University

Headhot of Timothy Law Snyder.

Timothy Law Snyder

President, Loyola Marymount University

Headshot of Bryant Keith Alexander, CFA Dean.

Bryant Keith Alexander

Dean, College of Communication & Fine Arts

In Memoriam

Headshot of George A. V. Dunning.

George A. V. Dunning

Philanthropist and arts patron