Career and Professional Development Drop-in Office Hours

Do you want to learn more about... 

  • What you can do with your major 
  • How to land the job or internship of your dreams 
  • Choosing and applying to graduate programs 

Meet with your expert career coach from Career and Professional Development (CPD) and view career resources at

Who: Mandy Brockhaus, CPD Assistant Director, Creative Professions
Where: Book an appointment with Mandy on Handshake, or visit her during office hours in-person or Zoom
When: Wednesdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Scheduling an Appointment

  1. Log in to  Handshake using your LMU login credentials 
  2. Confirm your “Career Interests” section is completely filled out on your profile (including Communications and Media, Entertainment, TV & Film, or Fine Arts & Performing Arts) 
  3. Click on the “Career Center” dropdown menu 
  4. Click on “Appointments” 
  5. Click on the “Schedule a New Appointment” button 
  6. Select the appropriate category 
  7. Select and appointment type 
  8. Scroll down or select by week to view upcoming available appointments and click on desired appointment 
  9. Add required appointment details 
  10. Click on the green “Request” button to request the career coaching appointment