A group of students hanging out near the apartments on campus.

The Academic Advisement Center for Student Success is committed to supporting student's personal, academic, and professional growth in many ways.

Motivation alignment. Tailoring and personalizing‚ÄĮresources based on individual student needs leading to increased motivation, self-efficacy, and academic success is at the heart of what we aim to provide for our students. How students ultimately feel about their ability to achieve their goals is most meaningful.

Discovery. We help students discover and address potential obstacles that might impede progress towards achieving their goals with emphasis on better understanding the students' core values and objectives.

Goal Support. Once students understand the motivating factor behind what they are seeking to achieve, students can define what the outcome of attaining said goal represents for themselves.

Helping students take ownership of their own educational experience and outcomes by cultivating grit and a growth mindset is a determining factor in how students will put their plans into action and reach their goals.

Modeling. We guide students through academic readiness and decision-making process geared toward helping our students grow, prepare, and be ready in each interaction that we have with them.