• Student Psychological Services, Burns Rec Center (second floor, pool side), 310-338-2868
    • Student Health Services, Burns Rec Center (first floor, pool side), 310-338-2881
    • Campus Ministry, Malone 210 and "The Cave" (lower level of Sacred Heart Chapel), ministry@lmu.edu, 310-338-2860
    • First Year Experience, Malone 301, fye@lmu.edu, 310-338-5252
  • It is not unusual to a variety of challenges while adjusting to college. Depending on your concerns, you might ask assistance from your Resident Advisor, your Academic Advisor, the CFA Associate and Assistant Deans, Student Health Services, Student Psychological Services, Campus Ministry, faculty, staff, and fellow students (particularly student body officers and leaders.)

  • You will meet your Resident Advisor (RA) and Resident Director (RD) within hours of moving into your dorm or on campus apartment. These individuals are your best first recourse for confidentially discussing your concern(s). They are trained to help you dialogue with your roommate about most issues. In the event that a conflict cannot be resolved in consultation with the RA or RD, one or both of these individuals will refer you to the appropriate office. In some rare cases, it may be possible for you to change roommates or housing assignments.

  • LMU Campus Awareness Resource Education Services (CARES) is the blanket organizational title for the network of staff who are available to students in the event of an emergency such as sexual or interpersonal misconduct.

  • Contact Student Health Services (310-338-2881) and/or Student Psychological Services (310-338-2868) for diagnosis and treatment or referral.

    Student Health Services does not provide excuse notes for missed classes, exams, or work-related injuries. If you are too sick or injured to attend class, it is up to you to notify your instructor via email. It is up to the individual instructor to excuse your absence, or not, depending on their own stated attendance policy.

    In the event you are hospitalized or otherwise unable to attend class for a week or more due to a severe health or personal issue, you (or your parent, if you are incapacitated) should notify the Dean of Students, the CFA Office of Academic Affairs, and your professors as soon as possible. You may need to provide documentation upon return to campus.

  • We encourage you to initiate this conversation with your family before the start of the semester. However, once you reach the age of 18, there are federal regulations that protect your right to privacy. Information about your work and life at LMU may not be released to your parents without your signed authorization on a FERPA release form. This form is good for one academic year and must be renewed each year. For more information, refer to this website.