• Financial Aid, Von Der Ahe 270, finaid@lmu.edu, 310-338-2753
    • Student Employment Services, Malone 401, ses@lmu.edu, 310-3387-606
  • LionJobs is the online portal for the LMU Office of Career Development Services. All open campus jobs are listed on LionJobs. Even if you have located a possible job on your own, you need to apply officially on LionJobs. Keep an eye on campus bulletin boards, or ask supervisors in campus offices and facilities if they have any job openings. It never hurts to ask! The campus job fair, at the beginning of most semesters, can be a great source of new ideas.

    Note that your financial aid package must include a Work Study award in order for you to take a position on campus paid through Work Study funds.

  • Since you can expect your academic commitments of full-time enrollment to be like a full-time job already, you need to be cautious about balancing your time. Work study monies are paid through your financial aid award, so it is up to you to divide the total award by your hourly rate, and calculate how many hours you will need to work per week in order to earn your entire award over the course of the year. Once you have earned your award through your work hours, you can no longer work that semester. For these reasons, campus work study students may not work more than 20 hours per week.

  • LionJobs also includes off-campus positions. Although you are on your own in applying for and entering into an off-campus employment relationship, it is a good idea to keep your advisor informed of this additional time commitment.