Career Pathways FAQs

  • Who are my primary contacts?
  • Where can I find out how my degree will prepare me for a profession when I graduate?

    The College has prepared career pathways documents specific to its major(s). You will receive one appropriate to your major at orientation, and can view the information on the CFA Career Pathways site. Each department has developed and is currently developing courses, internships, advising, and experiences that will assist in building a bridge to work life after graduation. There are practical ways to pursue a major in an area about which you are passionate but which does not appear, on first glance, to lead to a well-paying career. The chair of your department, your advisor, your faculty, and the staff at Career Development Services will work with you to these ends.

  • Does LMU offer internships?

    An internship is a great way to get a feel for work in a field that holds the promise of aligning with your interests and ability upon graduating — while at the same time earn course credit. All CFA departments have internship course offerings or elective options within the major; other arrangements can be made for CFA students of other majors though Career Development Services.

  • Should I look for an internship my first semester?

    During your first semester when you are adjusting to many new experiences at the University, we often suggest you do not actually pursue an internship until at least your second semester. In the meantime, you can meet with a Career Advisor from Career Development Services or an Academic-Artistic Advisor in your major to discuss future internships.