Co-Curricular / Extra-Curricular FAQs

    • Campus Ministry, Malone 210 and "The Cave" (lower level of Sacred Heart Chapel),, 310-338-2860
    • First Year Experience, Malone 301,, 310-338-5252
    • Office of Student Affairs (Ethnic & Intercultural Services, Campus Recreation, Center for Service & Action, ASLMU Student Government, etc.), Main Office in Malone 301. Contact individual organizations for more information.
  • Consult the Campus Ministry website or the bulletin board in Sacred Heart Chapel for the Mass schedule. Students of all backgrounds are welcomed to LMU, but are not required to attend religious services at LMU.

  • Campus Ministry supports a variety of organizations rooted in Christian faith traditions including The Well and Higher Learning (non-denominational Bible study groups), the Christian Life Community (CLC), theme/class retreats, and service-oriented activities and trips.

    • LMU Hillel is the student organization for Jewish students and friends, with many activities scheduled throughout the year. Contact 310-568-6131 for more information.
    • Contact Dr. Amir Hussain at 310-338-5987 or for information about opportunities for fellowship within the LMU Muslim student community.
    • Contact Dr. Paul Humphreys at 310-338-5987 or for information about opportunities at LMU for the practice of Buddhist meditation.
  • Ethnic & Intercultural Services is the umbrella office for the organizations for students of a variety of cultural traditions, as well as those interested in learning more about them. These include: Asian Pacific Student Services, Black Student Services, Chicano Latino Student Services, Jewish Student Life, and LGBT Student Services, among others. Each office has a variety of clubs and events held throughout the year.

  • ClubFest will feature tables from LMU's many student organizations in the first few weeks of the semester. You can also always explore the Student Affairs website and visit its offices in Malone.

  • In many cases, you do not need to be a major or minor in the department offering the event in order to participate. Auditions in Theatre Arts and Music, and calls for entry/submissions for exhibitions or student journals, are often open to everyone, regardless of major or minor.

    There are also many campus clubs that perform dance, music and theatre. You do not have to be a major or minor to join these clubs – although in some cases an audition is required.

  • Find out the details on how to get involved with LMU's 22 affiliated sororities, fraternities, and culturally-based fraternal organizations by contacting the LMU Greek Life Council by visiting their office in Malone 120, calling 310-338-7814, or emailing