Financial Aid & Student Account FAQs

    • Financial Aid, Von Der Ahe 270,, 310-338-2753
    • Student Accounts (Controller's Office), Von Der Ahe 250,, 310-338-2711
    • First Year Experience, Malone 301,, 310-338-5252
  • You can request consideration of special circumstances by submitting a letter to the Financial Aid Office. Make sure your letter is signed and dated and includes your LMU Student ID and the academic year for which it is being submitted. If your parent submits a special circumstance letter, make sure your LMU Student ID and academic year is on the top of the letter. Upon review of the letter, Financial Aid may request additional documents to verify your circumstances.

  • The website of the Financial Aid Office features a directory of outside scholarship search engines for your use and reference. Your Chair is also a go-to person when you are seeking talent-based scholarships beyond those which you currently hold. He or she will have you fill out a College-based application and will inform you of the department-based process designed to place you in the position for scholarship consideration based on academic-artistic talent. Please note that your application for further assistance does not guarantee you will be selected to receive additional aid.

    Additionally, there is a CFA Student Inquiry for Scholarships application available in the CFA Dean's Office (St. Roberts Hall 100). Once completed, this application gets submitted by the student to his or her Department Chair for review. Submission of the application is not a guarantee that additional aid or scholarship can or will be awarded.

  • You should first contact the Student Accounts Office. The office staff will be able to inform you as to why you have a financial hold on your account and what you can do to remove it. You should always take care of these holds as soon as possible. Please also see the Assistant or Associate Dean of CFA in St. Roberts 101 if you have more questions or need additional assistance in this area. They may be able to direct you to people who may offer further assistance with financial issues.