Poster for She Kills Monsters, showing an illustrated dragon and character on a role-playing game book cover.
She Kills Monsters
Presented on Sept. 9-12
Poster for Mr. Burns, with Mr. Burns in red.
Mr. Burns – A Post-Electric Play
Presented on Oct. 17-20
A woman in yellow performs in A Night of Black Excellence.
A Night of Black Excellence
Presented on Oct. 24-25
Poster for Love.
Presented on Nov. 6
Poster for Lysistrata.
Presented on Nov. 11-14
Poster for Love and Information, showing a mobile device on a red background.
Love and Information
Presented on Mar. 24-27
Two students performing in The White Rose.
The White Rose
Presented on Apr. 9-10
Poster for Good Kids, showing portraits of kids.
Good Kids
Presented on Apr. 16-17
Poster for Diversity Awareness Picnic, showing illustrated heads on a teal background.
Diversity Awareness Picnic
Presented on Apr. 28-May 1