Sonsoles Ramirez


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Sonsoles Ramirez ‘22
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Studio Arts


How did you decide to become a communication studies major?

Initially, when I was applying to colleges, I didn't quite know what I wanted to do. I loved writing but majoring in English major didn’t feel quite right. Following my gut, I applied to LMU as a communication studies (CMST) student on a whim, and when I toured LMU, I knew it was home. It all seemed so accidental yet so meant to be.

 Within my first few weeks, I realized this was the perfect space for me to take my many interests and mesh them into one. The beauty of being a CMST major is that you can find your path along the way; it gives you the perfect jumping off point and supportive environment to explore different disciplines within communications, until you finally land on the perfect focus. Even though I almost discovered communications by accident, I found what I love along the way, thanks to so many wonderful professors that were there to help me along my path.

Tell us a little about your time at LMU.

LMU makes it so easy for you to get involved around campus. I knew I didn't personally want to go through the sorority rush process as a freshman, so I turned to service organizations. I joined Ignatians my freshman year and have found a home in the org since then. Being part of Ignatians opened the door for me to be able to help and serve others and be around people who were incredibly passionate about doing the same thing. LMU puts such a big emphasis on being "with and for others," and the service orgs are the epitome of that vision. LMU provided me with the opportunity to find likeminded people and get the most out of my four years on campus.

How do you feel you experience at LMU prepared you for your next step?

As I am currently going through the job application process, I now fully understand the full impact of LMU on my career goals. Not only has Handshake and networking through the career fair given me the chance to get my foot in the door, but my work-study job has taught me so much about my passions. I also spent three years as a Media and Communications Assistant at CFA, which gave me the chance to build up my resume and teach me about the industry I hope to go into.

What will you miss most about LMU?

I'm going to miss every detail I overlooked in the moment. I think coming back to LMU post-grad will feel like a time capsule. I'll look over at St. Robs and think of all the hours I spent working in my boss's office and laughing with her, I'll look up at the third floor and see all the classes that I would show up to out of breath because of the stairs. I'll look at the library and think of the many sleepless nights I spent around a table for 4 turned into a table for 10, or the number of times I was late to class waiting for my Starbucks coffee. My McKay dorm with the uncomfortable bed, and my first roommate who will be graduating alongside me in a couple of days. My Hannon apartment and how much I hated that I ended up with top bunk, but how much I loved that it turned into a hub for my friend group. Walking through alumni mall and stopping along the way to say hi to anyone I ran into, going to The Lair to get unhealthy amounts of spicy tuna rolls, making the trek over to UHall to get a package, showing up to classes that were canceled, going to the den and hoping someone had enough lion dollars to buy me a coffee, going to the living room for stand up shows…I'm going to miss it all, and I don't take any of it for granted anymore!

What advice do you have for underclassmen?

Give it time, give it time, give it time. I remember coming in freshman year and feeling a little lost. The first couple of months are always hard, it's a huge adjustment, but you have to just open yourself up to the process and let it come to you. I wouldn't trade the last four years for anything, and a huge part of that is the community I found at LMU. I'm incredibly grateful for every single person I've met and every single professor I've gotten to learn from, even though it took a little time for me to open up.

My last piece of advice for underclassmen is when your finals are stressing you out, when you're feeling a little lost, or when you need any sort of pick-me-up, the Bluff will always be there for you. Everyone has their own little spot they like the most, mine is right under the tree in the visitor’s lot, right above the LMU sign. Since I'm graduating, I’ll let you take my spot and give it the love it deserves.