CFA Internal Continuing Faculty Research Fellowship Information

Please note: The categories of Grants and Fellowships are being consolidated into one category under Grants.

Relative to a historical pattern of applications, the consolidation does not reduce the number of overall opportunities, but primarily reduces the ability for applicants to get more than one course remission in any given semester of an academic year - which seemingly appeared in both separate application opportunities. This becomes particularly important in departments that have already converted to 4-unit courses and a 2/2/2/3 teaching load.

There is increased cost for 4-unit course remissions that impact the entire college, and a double remission across the former two categories (Grants and Fellowships) also impacts any department’s ability to deliver curriculum with full-time faculty.

With this change, it must be noted that faculty cannot use the “remission option” of the Grant in conjunction with any other remission within and outside of the college in order to be completely out of teaching in any given semester, thereby simulating an unofficial sabbatical without formal Dean or Provost approval.