CFA Internal Continuing Faculty Research Grant Application

Continuing tenured and tenure-track faculty, who have completed their second year at LMU, are eligible for the 2018-2019 CFA Internal Continuing Faculty Research Grant. CFA Internal Continuing Faculty Research Grants are given in support of original scholarship (e.g. research, writing, creative work). Preference will be given to projects that will prepare the faculty member to pursue ongoing or more complex scholarship and/or to fund work that is a good candidate for future external grant support. 

There are two variations of CFA Internal Continuing Faculty Research Grants: Open Funding and Mission-Based Funding. These two variations on a single grant will rotate every other year. For 2018-2019, faculty will apply for Open Funding, which considers all original scholarship on equal footing. For 2019-2020, faculty will apply for Mission-Based Funding, which prioritizes those grants that address issues central to the University’s mission.

Please Note: CFA Internal Continuing Faculty Research Grants (under either variation) must culminate in a project suitable for professional distribution (e.g. scholarly and creative work that is published or made public through print distribution and/or presentation in a public forum) with evidence of accomplishment included in the required Continuing CFA Research Grants Outcome Report.

Please follow the grant application procedures in this document paying careful attention to key dates. The signature page of the application must be signed by the relevant Department Chair by January 16, 2018, before the applicant submits the application to the Dean. The signature page should be attached to the email when the application is submitted to the Dean. The application, signature page, and curriculum vitae must be submitted in an email to the Administrative Specialist, Pamela Willis, who will forward the material to the CFA Faculty Affairs Committee. Submission of applications will be accepted up to the deadline date, January 24, 2018. If you are unable to access the application from the website, please contact Pamela Willis for assistance. Applications that are incomplete, late, or do not conform to the printed guidelines and instructions will not be considered.


2018-2019 CFA Continuing Faculty Open Funding Research Grant


Procedural & Content-Based Questions

Judith Scalin, Associate Dean

Content-Based Questions

Katharine Noon, Professor, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance
(2018-19 Grant and Fellowship information resource faculty member)

Application Path


  • Applicant emails application and signature page to the Department Chair.
  • Chair reviews application and completes signature page. Chair emails the signature page back to the applicant.
  • Applicant emails application, curriculum vitae, and signature page to the Dean’s Administrative Specialist, Pamela Willis.  
  • Administrative Specialist, within a week following the final day to apply, forwards both electronic and paper copies of the applications, curriculum vitae, and signature pages to the CFA Faculty Affairs Committee members.
  • CFA Faculty Affairs Committee members review the applications and forward recommendations to the Dean
  • Dean reviews the applications and the FAC recommendations and makes final decision about awarding the Grant.
  • Dean writes letter to each applicant with a copy to the Chair and sends summary of awards to the CFA Faculty Affairs Committee.

      Applicant → Chair → Applicant → Dean → CFA Faculty Affairs Committee → Dean

2018-19 Application Timetable

  • Application due to Department Chair: 01/16/18
  • Application due to the Dean: 01/24/18
  • Faculty Affairs Committee recommendations to the Dean: 03/07/18
  • Grant recipients notified: 03/21/18
  • Grant recipient’s written confirmation of acceptance is due to the Dean: 03/27/18
  • Dean's Office notifies the Budget Manager’s Office: 04/04/18
  • Grant disbursement option is funded (Payout): 06/19/18; 09/19/18; 01/18/19
  • Chair will identify part-time faculty replacement (if course remission) and notify Dean’s Office, as well as Budget Manager's Office: 06/19/18 (Fall); 10/19/18 (Spring)
  • Full accounting of valid research-related expenses due to CFA Budget Office (April 14): 11/15/18
  • (Summer/Fall); 04/16/19 (Spring)
  • Final outcome report and cover sheet, signed by applicant and Chair due to the Dean (6 weeks after completion): 10/05/18 (Summer); 02/04/19 (Fall); 06/17/19 (Spring); 05/31/19 (Certification of Completion)