Following the Prescribed Path

September 13 - November 23, 2014

The seven artists in Following the Prescribed Path took diverse journeys into both urban and natural landscapes over the course of six decades, and ultimately transformed their experiences into a range of media. The artists’ projects suggest diverse reasons for stepping out our doors—to follow in someone else’s footsteps (whether they are just in front of you or whether they have long since passed), to trace historical wounds, to make a pilgrimage, or to pursue a hero’s journey in search of a transcendent experience. While it might be counterintuitive to think that following a predetermined route is creatively stimulating, the artists in this exhibition suggest otherwise.‌

30th Annual Juried Student Exhibition

April 10 - May 10, 2014

This annual exhibition celebrates the work created by LMU Studio Arts students over the past year. Spanning the range of media taught in the program, the works were chosen by Rebecca Morse, associate curator of photography at LACMA and Aandrea Stang, director of OxyArts at Occidental College. The exhibition and its cash awards are made possible by Andrea Kingaard Friedman, '66 and the Southern California Metal Arts Society.

Voices of Incarceration

January 25 - March 16, 2014

The Laband Art Gallery at LMU continues LMU’s focus on the theme of restorative justice with the exhibition Voices of Incarceration. Art has frequently expressed the toughest and harshest sides of human experience. This exhibition brings together works by incarcerated artists who convey their unique perspectives from inside the prison walls and those of artists who confront the American criminal justice system from outside its walls. Both groups bring to light the emotional costs and injustices of the Prison Industrial Complex. Voices of Incarceration also explores the rehabilitative arts programs in California prisons and the expression of the imprisoned artists’ strength and individuality through the creative process.